Wyrd Agents of Hagall

Wyrd Agents of Hagall

Hagall is the agency of Nordic origins. Their top level management gets their directives from the Norns. In looking for an acceptable country to become their base, I found Copenhagen. It was a viking settlement a very long time ago.

Near where vikings used to live is Kunsthallen Nikolaj (Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center). The location has a long history of being what is usually considered a sacred space. You can read up a bit on it here. It seemed a good location of the overlapping of spaces where the Wyrd Agents make their headquarters.

In the first chapter (Isaz.), Reeta meets a Gamr or Hel’s Hound – the department that presides over death. Very few deaths call for the elite Valkyries. But those two departments lay claim to the dead. They are the Agents of Death. All of the world’s Fates have their own department that handles death, as it cannot be avoided. The Gamr’s offices are found in The Cistern, Copenhagen’s catacombs.

To keep with this theme, I’m using runes to name the chapters. I provide the image of and information on the runes at the end of the chapter.

The name Hagall (Hag-All) also refers to the all-rune, a symbol that contains all the rune symbols. The Nine-Glory Twigs is the symbol set on the windows of the Hagall offices. It is the symbol that is silhouetted on the woman’s face on the cover.

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Leon Parenzo