The World of 『On Probation』

The World of 『On Probation』

One of the stories that fascinated me even as a child was Greek Mythology and eventually other Mythos as well. I used to go over the different stories in our home library’s encyclopedia and Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.

Greek and Roman mythology were like twins, similar yet also different. However, it’s quite intriguing to find similar concepts not only in these two but with other mythologies around the world. It’s as though their stories are borne from similar archetypes despite the civilizations they came from being very different.

One concept such as this are the Fates: Moirai (Greek) , Parcae (Roman), Norns (Nordic), and other names used in other mythos. In fact, even in the Philippines where I come from, we have diwatas (deities) ruling over a person’s destiny. It’s as though some omniscient power can sway the course of humanity.

That’s where my world comes in. Considering how poorly humans are going about our lives, maybe they aren’t so Almighty All-Powerful after all. Or maybe with the increase in population from the time those mythos were born, they can’t handle it all so smoothly as they once did. So what can goddesses do? Hire other otherworldly beings to help with the task, of course!

Since before, the Fates of the world have already assigned territories. In the course of time, the territories have changed as well as the ones who rule over them. Similar to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, these beings tend to rely on humans for their political power over the territories. Such is what happened to Reeta’s family. She comes from the Vedic Rta which was eventually unseated by Kamma (aka Karma). So she’s rather blue-blood in the Fates circle, but a royalty without territory.

She’s eventually hired by the Norns’ Hagall company as one of their agents. One doesn’t go from knowing your family once regulated and coordinated the “operation of the universe” to being a lowly agent without any hitches.

Anyway, that’s the main premise of my story’s world. What do you think?

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Leon Parenzo