A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I came upon A Discovery of Witches through its British TV Series. Coupling this Paranormal Romance with astounding location and scenery made for an enjoyable watch. While waiting for the new season, my friends and I were recommended to not watch the last episode as it’s quite the cliffhanger.

Then came the information that it was an adaptation of Deborah Harkness’ book. So naturally, we came by the copies to continue the journey.

I ended with an audiobook version from Audible. I once tried listening to an audiobook, but it bored me. However, I gave this a try and now have renewed understanding of the merits of audiobooks. As long as was not reading intently, I could multitask with adulting errands and finish the book!

So yes, this book in particular. The supernatural triad (Witches, Vampire, Demons) exist among the humans while hiding their true nature. They can sense each other though.

Main female character is a reluctant witch named Diana Bishop, a descendant of one of the Salem witches. She’s not quite in control of her witchy powers and prefers to think of her pursuits on Alchemy more about Science than Sorcery. She is a historian and in her research on alchemy, discovers an ancient tome from a library. Apparently, the supernaturals have been looking for said book for centuries! Unfortunately, she doesn’t know so she returns the book to the archives.

Enter main male character: Matthew Clairmont, a vampire and Biochemist. He is among those looking for the book. So he gets interested in her, I mean the book – or so he says.

We then discover the politics among supernaturals. And the rule that members of one group do not play with members the other group. There’s more to it, but I’ll let you know on your own.

Anyway, Diana and Matthew are drawn to each other in a sort of Romeo and Juliet scenario. But they don’t kill themselves. They are adults after all. Instead, they run away to a secluded castle in France because why not?

As expected, the book is more thorough in describing Harkness’ All Souls world. The covenant is explained more. The ordeal in that old castle with another witch is more painful. The other characters more fleshed out than in the series. If you enjoyed the series, I do recommend getting the book – or audiobook if you’re not much of a reader. I believe you’ll be more attached to the characters after doing so.

This book ends in a cliffhanger, much like season 1 of the series. Without it being asked, yes I read/listened to the next book in the All Souls trilogy: Shadow of Night. I will talk about it later.

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