2018 Media Kit- The New Face of Modern Treatise

Modern Treatise releases its annual media kit to better reflect the current state of its image and brand.



NEW YORKMarch 23, 2018PRLog — Modern Treatise is a digital media publication that covers a wide range of topics from the current state of the domestic and global political climate and the fiscal subjects that matter most to your bottom-line to the latest in the world of startups and the cultural and scientific discussions.

Recently, Modern Treatise released our annual updated media kit directly on A.N. Publishing’s website. The media kit reinforces everything the brand stands for.

Inside, existing and prospective clients can expect to find an in-depth profile of Modern Treatise’s readers, from their activity online to their spending patterns and socio-economic habits.

Featuring content that caters to innovative millennials within the sectors of entrepreneurship, geopolitics, culture, and economics, the new Modern Treatise media kit efficiently sums up the brand’s objectives and subject matter within a few pages. Existing and prospective clients will better understand how Modern Treatise can serve them and their interests after reading through the media kit’s exclusive statistics on Modern Treatise’s target demographic.

Such valuable information paints a vivid picture of the magazine and its readers, thus giving collaborators and clients a solid starting point from which they can begin building a relationship with Modern Treatise that is totally tailored to them and fulfills their marketing objectives. Speaking directly from the editor’s note, “Our audience visits Modern Treatise for both recreational desire and worldly awareness.” Ultimately, the media kit provides a concise through view of Modern Treatise’s image, audience, and content.

To view Modern Treatise’s new media kit (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/572248a14c2f851d6d…), simply click the link embedded in this article or visit Modern Treatise’s brand page (http://www.anpublishing.com/moderntreatise), which can be reached directly from A.N.’s website (http://www.anpublishing.com/). Modern Treatise is always willing to work with existing and prospective clients who align with Modern Treatise’s identity as an outlet for the upwardly mobile millennial. For inquiries, contact the Public Relations Representative via A.N.’s contact form on the Modern Treatise brand page.

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